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10 Tips for Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

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Did you know? Cleaning your hearing aids regularly can ensure that they are working properly and will extend the life of your investment. Remember to save the cleaning instructions that come with your hearing aids and follow the cleaning instructions and regimen that is specific to your make and model hearing aid. Whenever you have any questions about cleaning your hearing aids, feel free to give us a call, we are always here to help. Learn more about protecting your investment with our 10 tips for cleaning your hearing aids.

  1. Get the right cleaning kit that is made for your hearing aids.
  2. Keep extra filters and wax guards on hand and change them as directed.
  3. Always clean your hands before handling your hearing aids.
  4. When cleaning your hearing aids, work over a soft surface so that just in case they drop, they will not be damaged.
  5. Never use water to clean your hearing aids or any type of cleaning fluids; always use a soft, dry cloth.
  6. When you clean your hearing aids, take inventory of all of the pieces, tubing, and wires for solid connections, then remove any wax, dirt, or lint.
  7. When you clean your hearing aids, take the batteries out and clean them too.
  8. Store your hearing aids in a safe, dry place whenever not wearing them. A dryer or dehumidifier can help keep them clean and dry.
  9. Don’t wear your hearing aids while showering, bathing, swimming, or using hair products, hair spray, or the hair dryer.
  10. Schedule regular maintenance appointments with us so that we can make sure that your hearing aids are working properly.

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