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5 Things People With Hearing Loss Wish People Understood

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If you’ve never experienced diminished hearing, you really can’t understand what it’s like.

Most people with hearing loss would agree that they didn’t understand either until it happened to them. As such, here is our Top Five list of things that people with hearing loss wish other people understood:

1. Hearing is HARD.

The effort it takes to hear what’s being said to you when you don’t hear well is basically Herculean. It’s like a big game of hangman, where you know what some of the letters were, but you didn’t really catch all of them, so you are guessing the rest. Obviously, this can result in misunderstandings.

It’s genuinely exhausting to try to hear when you just can’t.

2. We aren’t being rude on purpose

If you don’t alert us to the fact that you are speaking to us, we may not realize. We aren’t being snobby. We just aren’t aware unless you give us cues by being right in our line of vision, or by reaching out with a quick touch.

3. We avoid socializing & groups, not because we don’t like events, but it’s just too much.

You cannot even begin to imagine how hard it is to hear at a party. It’s like talking to a friend in your kitchen, but a blender is running in the background.

As such, we avoid parties or group events. Listening in everyday situations wears us out. A large group is exhausting.

4. Repeating what you said isn’t always helpful.

Sometimes it’s the sounds of a specific word that we just can’t get. If we ask more than once, try to say it a different way. Again, we aren’t being purposefully rude if we ask multiple times, we just want to understand what you are trying to tell us.

5. Hearing Aids are not a magic fix.

It kind of seems like putting on hearing aids would be about the same as putting on a pair of glasses, but that is just not the case. Hearing aids definitely improve our hearing, but they don’t restore us to 100% hearing like glasses do for vision.

We may still need things repeated. We may still use captions on the television.

At the end of the day, we want you in our lives.

We want you to understand what we are going through, and we hope you can be patient with us.

If you are noticing diminished hearing, come in and see us.

We can help you determine which device will serve you best.

We can’t wait to help you gain a better hearing lifestyle. Here at Smithtown Hearing Services we are committed to better hearing and committed to you! Contact us today to schedule a FREE assessment.

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