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What's New with Hearing Aid Technology

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Hearing Aids

Two > One

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What’s New with Hearing Aid Technology

Every year, hearing aid manufacturers make improvements to their products.
If you’ve been in your current hearing aid for awhile, you just might be missing out on some really cool new features.

Let’s take a look at the latest for this year.

  1. Batteries.

Changing your hearing aid battery is a real pain in the you-know-what. And those things aren’t cheap. Many models these days feature rechargeable batteries. Some even have stations that are like many phone chargers – just lay the hearing aid on the station when you go to bed…wake up to a charged battery.

  1. Apps

Newer models are also connected to your mobile via apps. This is super handy and allows for adjustment on the go. Headed out to a concert? You can adjust sound levels right on your phone, while the hearing aid is still in your ear, so you can hear the changes as you go.

  1. Smaller models

If your main problem with wearing a hearing aid is that people can see you are wearing one – it’s time to get over it. Today’s models are so small that they are barely noticeable.

  1. Analog vs Digital

If you are still wearing an analog device, you really need to check out the digital version. You will never, ever go back to the old way. It’s legitimately impossible to compare the two.

  1. Memory

Newer models remember your settings – making your life so much easier.

If you have an older model – it might be time to stop in and check out your options.

Why live life only hearing parts of it?

Give us a call. Make an appointment. Change your life.

We can’t wait to help you gain a better hearing lifestyle.  Here at Smithtown Hearing Services we are committed to better hearing and committed to you! Contact us today and schedule an appointment.

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Top 7 Reasons to Get Your Hearing Checked

Hearing loss is common. Like, really, really common. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and it’s certainly not something that you should just live with.

We get it – you think “test” and your heart thumps and your hands get clammy – just like you are still in middle school. But this isn’t that kind of test.

It’s painless. It’s quick. And it can change your life.

Our Top Seven Reasons to Get Your Hearing Checked (ASAP):

7. It’s quick.

We already said that, but it’s really one of the best things about a hearing test. It literally only takes a few minutes.

6. It’s painless.

There are no needles. No stress tests. No invasive internal cameras. You pop the headset on, and signal whether or not you hear the audio.

5. If you are suffering from untreated hearing loss, you could end up in the hospital.

Seems like we might be blowing that out of proportion – but it’s a legit fact. Whether it’s a fall, or some other kind of accident, it’s more prone to happen if you aren’t hearing properly.

4. Regular doctors don’t check your hearing.

It’s true – they aren’t all that worried about it, unless you show signs of not hearing well, and even then, they’ll tell you to come see us.

3. It can alert you to other developmental delays in children.

If your child is struggling, you want to help them. Hearing issues are sometimes (though not always) signs of other delays.

2. Hearing loss is connected to heart problems, sleep apnea, depression (the list goes on)

You may not even realize you have these other issues until you discover that your hearing isn’t as good as you thought it was.

1. It can really can change your life.

Whether your hearing issues are slight or are really affecting your day to day life, you will be shocked at the difference you notice. It will change everything.

Why wait another day?

We cannot stress how important it is to stay on top of things like your hearing. You may think you are hearing things normally, but you really aren’t.

If you notice any difference in the volume of your TV, needing the radio louder than you used to, not hearing people clearly – even when they are right next to you…you need to get your hearing checked.

Give us a call. Make an appointment. Change your life.

We can’t wait to help you gain a better hearing lifestyle. Here at Smithtown Hearing Services we are committed to better hearing and committed to you!

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Two > One

Hearing loss comes in varying degrees. Yet most often professionals advise that you treat any significant loss through implementation of hearing devices. Most often with two hearing aids. Recent developments have made these formerly cumbersome eyesores into seamless (and even sometimes invisible) electronics. Smithtown Sayville Hearing Services believes that clear and confident hearing is priceless, and these electronic devices are worth the investment.

Unique solutions for your ears

Hearing aids are no longer “one size fits all” models. Many different styles and designs offer the wearer the best quality of hearing for their individual lifestyle and needs. For this reason, getting an assessment from a hearing professional is vital when choosing what devices are right for you.

Two hearing aids? Forget about it!

If you consult the top hearing industry professionals, they generally recommend using dual hearing aids to combat most types of hearing loss. Using two devices simultaneously (or binaural hearing) benefits the wearer to such a significant degree that it outweighs the additional cost. With two hearing aids, you will:

  • Have a better understanding of speech – Two hearing aids allow for easier selective listening. Your brain can focus on the exact conversation you want to hear, not the background noise that is a nuisance to all untreated hearing loss sufferers (and even those who use one device).
  • Be able to understand more accurately – Even in the most difficult of situations, speech intelligibility is vastly improved when two devices are utilized instead of one.
  • Be able to correctly identify the origin of noise – Binaural hearing is optimal for localization or the direction in which sound originates.
  • Have a better quality of sound – A simple numerical comparison says it all. Would you prefer 180 degrees or 360 degrees of sound reception? With two devices, the 360 degrees of reception allows for the most natural sound quality that is technologically possible.
  • Experience a smooth quality of tone for better sound identification – Two hearing aids requires less volume than one. With the reduction of distortion, you can identify and comprehend sounds easier.
  • Keep both of your ears active – With two devices, you will discover a wider hearing range. When both ears actively participate in the auditory process, you gain double the hearing power. With only one, the unaided ear can degrade over time. You can avoid Auditory Deprivation Effect with binaural hearing which two devices can provide!

Okay, I understand… but do I really need two hearing aids?

Usually, you will. However, if your hearing assessment reveals that your hearing is completely normal in one ear, a second hearing device won’t help you. Adversely, if you show total deafness in one ear, you won’t need two hearing aids. Also, if you suffer from chronic ear infections (which is a cause of hearing loss), a single hearing aid may work best. This will help you avoid aggravating the infection and limit the number of reoccurrences. Some specific forms of hearing loss cause garbled speech and no hearing aids would help.

Hear in stereo

But for majority of people with hearing loss, two hearing aids are best. Health care professionals generally recommend dual hearing aid configuration. Moreover, numerous consumer satisfaction surveys show better results with two. To learn about your specific needs, call us at (877) 216-1593. Smithtown Sayville Hearing Services will happily walk you through the decision making process including financing and insurance possibilities. We welcome you to make a complimentary appointment today.

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Rechargeable batteries are here!

Hearing loss is a universal problem. It can affect anyone no matter their gender, age, race or any other socio-economic factors. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, approximately 15% of all Americans over the age of 18 have reported some trouble with hearing. And that is only the reported cases. Many view hearing problems as a bothersome nuisance not worthy of professional assessment. Even worse, some people who have severe hearing difficulties feel stigmatized by their deficit. So they refuse to acknowledge their weakness or learn to hide the symptoms from others.

Your hearing is a worthy investment

Luckily, you have invested time in learning about your hearing health and today’s treatment-based solutions. Hearing aids have served as an important investment for a long time. New technology has produced multiple designs and styles of hearing device. You have many choices in terms of models and technology that will suit your own individual needs. One of the biggest innovations – that is sure to delight both prospective and veteran hearing aid wearers alike – is the launch of Oticon’s rechargeable hearing aid.

The next step in convenience

The Oticon Opn rechargeable ZPower™ option is revolutionary in both design and convenience! Oticon’s current line of hearing devices sport a smaller but more powerful design. Yet one issue was never addressed… until now. Oticon Opn MINI RITE™ charges overnight so you can enjoy a day full of confidence knowing you can live your life without worrying about your hearing aid’s batteries!

More than “just” rechargeable batteries

As well as being rechargeable, the Oticon Opn has other customizations that you may wish to discuss with a hearing specialist. One of the most popular new options is Tinnitus SoundSupport™. Even though it is not an actual form of hearing loss, if you suffer from tinnitus, you are well versed in the frustration and fatigue it causes. With Tinnitus SoundSupport™, your device can help manage this condition with soothing sounds that are fully customizable to be unique to your own needs! Want to hear the calming comfort that only the ocean’s waves can provide you? With Tinnitus SoundSupport™, your Oticon hearing device will have you lying on your own personal mental beach!

Upgrade options for Opn users

Current Opn users: your hearing device is not being forgotten or left behind. You can bring your Oticon Opn miniRITE™ devices to your local hearing specialist to upgrade them to use rechargeable batteries. This new technology would save you 150 – 200 batteries a year.

The choice is yours

Disposable batteries can still serve a use to any Opn device. Carrying around a spare pair can serve as a backup if you forget to recharge. It is inevitable – even the most ardent charger of their hearing device will find themselves low on battery level at some point.

Take the next step

If you are interested in learning more about these new technological breakthroughs and the complete line of Oticon hearing aids, contact us at (877) 216-1593 or schedule an appointment. Learn about the multitude of choices that await you and your unique lifestyle with Oticon.

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