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Celebrities with Hearing Loss

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Celebrities get hearing loss too. It is something that can affect anyone; and some of your favorite actors or musicians are among the 48 million Americans coping with hearing loss. As you will see, there are many different reasons for hearing loss and much of it is preventable. In fact, many of them admit that their hearing problems are due to noise-induced hearing loss or tinnitus resulting from loud scenes or pyrotechnic accidents on set. You may not have know that these celebrities have hearing loss or are dealing with tinnitus.

  1. Marlee Matlin: She is probably the most well- known deaf actress and spokesperson often quoted as saying that “deaf people can do anything except hear”. She has many acting accomplishments including an Oscar and danced beautifully showing everyone just how much she can do on Dancing with the Stars in 2008.
  2. Nyle DiMarco: He is the 2015 winner of America’s Next Top Model and has been enjoying a great modeling career ever since. He also brought a great deal of awareness for the accomplishments that deaf people can achieve on Dancing with the Stars, when he won in 2016. DiMarco was born deaf and has a multigenerational deaf family.
  3. Jane Lynch: As a result of a high fever as an infant, the comedic actress has been dealing with almost complete deafness in her right ear.
  4. William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy: The pair, most well-known as Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock both incurred damage due to an accident on the set of Star Trek and have dealt with tinnitus as a result.
  5. Halle Berry: Known as the first black woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress, Halle Berry lost almost all her hearing in her left ear during a domestic violence incident. As a result, she is now changing the face of what it looks like to have hearing loss and also advocating for awareness about domestic violence.
  6. Rob Lowe: It is believed that his profound hearing loss is a result of an undiagnosed mumps diagnosis when he was 8 or 9 months old.
  7. Eric Clapton: Just one of many legendary performers on our list who have hearing loss that developed over years of performing loud concerts and not wearing hearing protection.
  8. Derrick Coleman: The first deaf offensive player in the NFL. He has had hearing loss since a very young age, it was diagnosed at 3 years old and he now wears hearing aids in both ears.
  9. Lance Allred was the first legally deaf player in the NBA. He wears hearing aids in both ears.
  10. Pete Townshend: You may not know the name Pete Townshend, but you likely know the band he play lead guitar for, The Who. He is deaf in one ear, has partial hearing in the other and also has to cope with tinnitus. He attributes his hearing loss and damage to wearing earphones during recording studio sessions and his years on state with one of the loudest rock bands in history. He wears hearing aids now and uses assistive technology.

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