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Common Problems with Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids, like most electrical devices or appliances we use in our day to day lives, work most of the time. However, sometimes a hearing aid may experience problems, and it is only when something goes wrong with our hearing device that we realize how much we have come to rely on them.

We don’t want you to panic though! At Smithtown Sayville Hearing Services, we understand how important your hearing aids are. That’s why we’ve put together this blog to discuss common problems with hearing aids, and how you can troubleshoot them.

5 Common Problems with Hearing Aids

  1.  Your hearing aid has gotten wet

It’s normal for your hearing aid to be exposed to small levels of moisture. If, however, you’re concerned that your hearing aid has been exposed to excessive moisture or has gotten wet, you’ll want to try and dry it out. You can place it in a bag of uncooked rice to absorb the excess moisture, or leave it out in a dry room to air. Remember, to preserve your devices avoid exposing them to water, so ensure you remove them when you’re showering, bathing or swimming.

  1.  Your hearing aid is making noises

If your hearing aid is making a whistling noise or you can hear feedback, it could mean that your hearing aid is not fitted well. Your hearing aid should fit snugly when you are wearing it. To determine if this is the case, turn the volume down. If this stops the noise, it means that it’s likely a poor fit causing a sound leak. Try to remove and refit your device, or book in an appointment with your local hearing care clinic to check on the fit. While there, ask your hearing care professional to check for any build up of wax in your ears which can also affect the fit of your hearing aid.

  1.  Your hearing aid is not working

Make sure your hearing aid is definitely turned on.

  1.  The sound is weak

If you feel like the sound in your hearing aids is weak, is it possible that your hearing has changed? When was the last time you had a hearing assessment and baseline hearing established? If it’s been over a year, it’s time to book in a hearing assessment to ensure your hearing hasn’t changed.

  1.  Sounds come through distorted

If the sound coming through your hearing aid sounds distorted, check for any corrosion on the battery or contact points. If you do find corrosion, speak to your local hearing care professional for advice on how to safely clean your hearing aid.

If you are experiencing these 5 common problems with hearing aids, this checklist can help you troubleshoot:

✓ Is the battery in correctly? It should be easy to close the door, and the aid should then switch on.

✓ Try to replace the battery.

✓ Check the microphone, tubing, mold and dome for any moisture or waxy blockage.

✓ Is the volume set correctly? Check it’s not too low.

✓ Is your hearing aid on the correct setting/program?

✓ Does the device appear damaged? Is the tubing, squashed or cracked? If it is damaged, we recommend coming in to speak with the team.

Most problems with hearing aids are easy to resolve. If you’re still having issues with your devices even after troubleshooting, the hearing care professionals at Smithtown Sayville Hearing Services would be happy to take a look. Call (631) 993-4719 or click here to book a consultation today.

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