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Dating Tips for People with Hearing Loss

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Dating can be difficult under most circumstances. The choice of what to wear, where to go, what to do can all be overwhelming. But what if you have a hearing loss to further complicate things?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ve put together some dating tips for people with hearing loss.

Choose The Right Location

This is probably one of the more important decisions that can influence how successful your date is. Look for locations that are well-lit, with good acoustics and quieter such as cafes, coffee shops or restaurants. Not only will this help with lip reading, it will encourage conversation between you and your date! Don’t be shy to scope out locations in advance, and proactively suggest the venue. If you do go somewhere noisy like the movie theatre look out for hearing loops, use personal amplification devices or adjust hearing aid settings.

Arrive Early

Once you’ve agreed upon a location and time for your date, aim to arrive early. This is especially important if your date is in a bar or restaurant. Look for a quieter area, away from the noisy kitchen or larger tables.

Be Creative

Get creative with your date ideas. It’s often the unexpected dates that are the most romantic. Why not consider a picnic in the park, an intimate dinner for two or even a hike. Not only will the environment be quieter, the date will likely be more memorable.

How Soon Should You Mention Your Hearing Loss?

Understandably, you may be reluctant to mention your hearing loss too soon. It’s very much a personal decision. In today’s age of online dating, some people choose to disclose their hearing loss on their dating profile. Being upfront ensures your date is aware of your hearing loss from the get-go. Being honest will help you to relax and engage better. The alternative is potential awkwardness: guessing incorrectly or them feeling like you aren’t listening.

Find The Best Way To Communicate

In any good relationship, communication and connection should be mutual. Spend time finding the best way for you to communicate together. Work with your hearing ability rather than being limited by your impairments. For example, suggest a video call rather than a phone call.

Your hearing loss doesn’t have to interfere with your dating life. If you’d like to discuss further, why not book in an appointment with the hearing care professionals at Smithtown / Sayville Hearing? We are dedicated to your hearing health and helping you to live with hearing loss! To arrange a check up call today on (631) 993-4719 or click here to schedule a free hearing assessment.

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