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Do Changes in Weather Affect Your Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids?

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Fall is fast approaching and with it come seasonal weather changes. Is there anything you need to do to prepare for the changes in the weather? Do changes in weather affect your hearing or hearing aids? For many patients, weather changes like changes in pressure and especially colder weather can bring about some hearing problems and when the temperatures drop, that can affect hearing aid functions too.

Changes in Barometric Pressure

When the seasons change, weather fronts bring about changes in barometric pressure. When barometric pressure drops quickly, the pressure outside your ears goes down before the pressure inside your ears can acclimate. The fluid in your ears is very sensitive to these changes and can cause the sensation of ears popping due to the pressure imbalance.

Increased Risk of Ear Infections

Long term exposure to cold weather can increase chances of ear infections. This is because the cold weather decreases circulation in the ear. The World Health Organization (WHO) lists chronic ear infections a main cause of hearing loss. To prevent ear infections due to the cold weather, make sure to wear hats, ear muffs and other gear to keep your ears warm.

Surfer’s Ear

Another reason you should protect your ears from cold weather is to help prevent a condition called exostosis, commonly known as ‘surfer’s ear’. Prolonged exposure to strong winds, cold water, and cold, damp conditions can promote abnormal growth on the bones inside the ear canal. The bone growth can block the passage and interfere with hearing.

Hardened Earwax

You know that it’s cold out when the temperatures drop enough to harden your earwax. This can cause discomfort and even a blockage that can interfere with your hearing. Remember not to try to remove earwax using a cotton swab tip. Although his seems to be a common habit, it’s a bad one and can cause further damage, instead follow our tips for safe earwax removal.

Inclement Weather and Hearing Aids

We already discussed about the dangers of water and hearing aids. Even a bad rain storm can damage your hearing aids if water gets in and interferes with the inner workings of these sensitive devices. However, it isn’t just wet weather that you need to protect your hearing aids from. The cold can also pose a threat to your listening devices. The cold weather can impact hearing aid functions. Hearing aid batteries, like other electronic devices also usually don’t keep a charge for as long as they do in warmer weather.

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