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Do You Need a Backup Hearing Aid?

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Hearing aids are delicate and intricate pieces of technology. While it is never necessary to have a backup or spare hearing aid, it is definitely a good thing to have. Today, we will cover some of the reasons why you should keep a backup hearing aid and tell you how to manage keeping a spare one.

4 Reasons You Should Have a Spare Hearing Aid

  1. Never miss a moment. If you carry a spare pair of hearing aids with you as a backup, you never have to miss out or worry about not hearing if your main pair of hearing aids stop working unexpectedly or the batteries die.
  2. You can also use your backup pair of hearing aids while your main hearing aids are charging.
  3. If you have travel planned, you can opt to take only your backup pair or bring both along so that you are sure you will hear everything as you travel. When you travel, having two pairs of hearing aids can be a big help if one stops working properly and you aren’t near our offices to come in and have them adjusted.
  4. Recycle and reuse are an excellent reason to keep your old pair of hearing aids as a backup rather than just throwing them out, make use of them.

How to Get a Backup Hearing Aid

You can always purchase an extra pair of hearing aids. This will ensure you have a backup hearing aid whenever you need one. The more common way to get a backup hearing aid is when you keep your old pair after upgrading to a new one. Just because your hearing aid is the “old” one doesn’t mean it’s outdated or not useful. Keep an open mind so that you can always have that safety net. Once you get used to using your hearing aids, you realize what you were missing out on and want to ensure that doesn’t happen again.

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