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Foods that Can Improve Hearing Health

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“A healthy outside starts from the inside.” – Robert Urich

Foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins can have a host of benefits for your overall physical wellbeing. Calcium is important for our teeth and bones. Vitamin C helps to protect our immune system. But what you may not be aware of is that some of these play an important role in the health of your ears and hearing. In this blog, we look at foods to improve hearing.

Here are several foods that can help “boost” your hearing health:

Zinc – Found in dark chocolate, cashews, beef, dried cranberries. The National Center for Biotechnology Information state that zinc deficiency is one cause of age-related hearing loss. Correcting this could help improve symptoms of tinnitus and sensorineural hearing loss.

Magnesium – Found in spinach, legumes, avocado and seafood, magnesium could help prevent or limit hearing loss. Researchers at the University of Michigan Kresge Hearing Research Institute have demonstrated that people treated with magnesium were protected from noise-related hearing loss. Initial beliefs are that magnesium’s ability to fight the effects of free radicals that louse noise generates works as a form of barrier that helps to protect the delicate hair cells in your inner ear. Insufficient volumes of magnesium cause the blood vessels in your inner ear to shrink, known as vasoconstriction.

Potassium – Found in bananas, potatoes, pineapple, artichokes or broccoli. Potassium helps to regulate the fluid volumes in your blood and body tissue. It plays an important role in your hearing health given the fluid in your inner ear. This is the part of your ear that translates the noises around us into electric impulses that our brain is able to interpret as sound. Your inner ear is dependant on sufficient volumes of potassium, so this is one mineral you shouldn’t skimp on!

Omega 3 and Vitamin D – Found in salmon, sardines and flaxseed oil, and are known to assist brain function. This study shows that eating two servings of fish each week can reduce your risk of age-related hearing loss by 42%. It could also reduce the risk of chronic tinnitus.

Antioxidants and Folic Acid – Found in spinach, beans, broccoli, asparagus, nuts, and liver. These could reduce the amount of harmful free radicals in your body, which have the potential to damage the delicate tissues of your auditory system.

Vitamins C and E – Found in broccoli, citrus fruits, avocado and meats. Both vitamins are excellent for your overall health, and can help reduce the risk of infections.

Along with a balanced diet, staying on top of your annual hearing assessment is important to overall ear health. If it’s time for you to book in your annual check, book today with the hearing care professionals at Smithtown Sayville Hearing services on (631) 993-4719. Alternatively, click here to request an appointment online.

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