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How Can Hearing Loss Make Communication Difficult?

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The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) has named May Better Hearing and Speech Month. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness about communication disorders and life altering treatments. This year’s theme is Communication Across the Lifespan. To help promote awareness, we’re looking at the 3 main ways that sensorineural hearing loss can make communication difficult.

Reduced sensitivity

This is what causes a sufferer to turn up the volume on the television or radio etc. It’s a progressive loss of the softer sounds, such as a softly spoken voice. It may initially be a close friend or family member who first notices the issue when highlighting how loud the volume is set.

High frequency loss

This makes understanding conversation very challenging. It’s more specific, with certain letter sounds within speech getting missed due to being at a higher frequency. These are typically the consonants s, t, f, p, k and the combinations of ‘th’ and ‘sh’. Female or children’s voices can also be more challenging.

Discrimination of sounds

Communicating in noisy environments can be difficult with a sensorineural hearing loss. It becomes very difficult to filter out background noise in order to distinguish conversation sounds separately. As such, it can be relatively easy to converse within quiet settings and therefore easy to dismiss a potential hearing loss just because you find noisy settings challenging.

General Tips

The above issues may all occur at the same time with varying severity. Here are some simple communication tips to help you.

Regular hearing assessments can highlight any changes to your baseline hearing. Seeking appropriate treatment can boost your confidence and communication abilities. At Smithtown Sayville Hearing Services, we find solutions tailored to your individual needs. Call us today to discuss any difficulties you have been experiencing (631) 993-4719 or book a consultation here.

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