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October is National Hearing Protection Month: 5 Ways to Protect Your Hearing

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October is National Hearing Protection Month. To honor this, we are featuring 5 ways to protect your hearing. Loud noises, including listening to media through headphones, are causing hearing loss to rise; therefore, it is more important than ever to be aware about protecting your hearing. We have put together a list of 5 ways to protect your hearing and help you keep your ears and hearing safe.

  1. Understand the law if you are exposed to loud noises in the workplace. Employers are required by law to have ear protection if you are exposed to loud noises while at work. Click here to read more about OSHA requirements and standards for hearing protection on the job.
  2. How loud is too loud? Half the battle of combating noise-induced hearing loss is knowing how loud is too loud. It is important to recognize that all noise-induced hearing loss doesn’t come from sudden loud noises like explosions, gunshots or fireworks. You may not realize that everyday environments can often be loud enough to cause hearing loss, especially if you are exposed to them for extended periods of time. The National Institute of Health lists noises 85 decibels or above as too loud. There are free apps you can put on your phone to help you see how loud a room is. If you don’t have an app available, another way to gauge what is too loud is if your ears are ringing after leaving, that is too loud and can potentially cause hearing loss. Noise-induced hearing loss can be caused by concerts, power tools, lawn mowers, and even some of the louder vacuum cleaners.
  3. Wear hearing protection when exposed to loud noise. Hearing protection is available in the form of headphones and ear plugs. You can always call our office if you have questions about which type of hearing protection is right for you. Different types of hearing protection are right for different situations.
  4. Move away from loud noises to give your ears a break. If you are at an event that is very loud (such as a concert or noisy sporting event) and don’t have hearing protection, give your ears an occasional break. This gives your hearing a chance to “recover” from the loud noise and can help prevent permanent damage.
  5. Get regular hearing assessments from your hearing professional or audiologist. Hearing loss is usually a gradual process. That makes it difficult to recognize hearing loss until it is significant enough to impact your life in a negative way. Regular hearing assessments can identify a decline in hearing before it becomes a problem. There are many issues associated with untreated hearing loss beyond losing the ability to hear and communicate. Schedule an appointment for your hearing assessment today!

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