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Olympic Heroes Who Have Overcome Hearing Loss

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The Olympics are under a month away, so let’s take a moment and look at some inspiring Olympians who have overcome hearing loss. Do you love the Olympics like we do? The excitement of the games, the Cinderella stories of athletes overcoming incredible odds to take a medal.

There’s nothing quite like it.

You may not realize that there have been several athletes over the years who have overcome profound hearing loss to compete in the games.

The earliest known athlete to compete in the modern games with hearing loss is Carlo Orlandi from Italy. He competed in 1928 and won the Gold!

Hugo Passos is a wrestler from Portugal who was the only wrestler for his country in the 2004 Athens games. He also participated in four Deaflympics.

Dean Barton-Smith is an Australian decathlete who participated in the 1992 Olympics. He now is the CEO of Deaf Children Australia.

Terence Parkin is South African swimmer who won the silver medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics. He also competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics

Jeff Float is a former American competitive swimmer, World Record holder, World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist. When he was 13 months old, he lost most of his hearing and nearly died due to viral meningitis. Because of this, he is 90% deaf in his right ear and 65% in the left, thus becoming the first legally deaf athlete from the United States to win an Olympic Gold Medal.

Tamika Catchings has participated in the most Olympics. The female basketball player for the WNBA appeared in the 04, 08 and 12 games, assisting Team USA win the Gold in all three.

The most recent Olympian to compete with hearing loss is David Smith, a member of United States men’s national volleyball team. He competed in the 2012 games in London.

We love the drive and attitude of these athletes – who prove that anyone can overcome anything.

We hope these athletes inspire you like they inspire us. They didn’t let their hearing loss stop them from chasing their dreams – and you shouldn’t either.

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