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Taking Care of Hearing Aids in Cold Weather

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Not sure why do you need to protect your hearing aids in cold weather? You might automatically recognize the need to protect your ears from the cold, but you may not realize that your hearing aids are delicate devices that also need protection from the elements of winter. Read on to learn why and how to take care of your hearing aids in cold weather.

Protecting Your Hearing Aids from the Cold

Most people aren’t in extreme cold temperatures for extended periods of time, and that is usually when extreme winter weather can have a negative effect on your hearing aids. So when you are outside, even if it is for shorter periods of time, make sure to bundle up and cover your hearing aids and ears with a hat, ear muffs, or a headband. Believe it or not, it is moisture from either condensation or sweating that is the biggest threat to your hearing aids, even in winter. When you are outside, it isn’t uncommon to sweat under all the layers of jackets, hats, and gear. This can, of course, get into your hearing aids and cause problems. The same goes for condensation buildup which can happen when you go from the cold outside into a heated building. Another cold weather hazard for your hearing aids involves the batteries. Cold weather can cause the batteries to lose their charge faster which can leave you unable to use your hearing aids if you don’t have a backup battery.

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids in Cold Weather

Some of the tips we have for protecting your hearing aids from the cold are similar if not the same as other tips you might have heard before. However, you just may not realize the danger to your hearing aids from moisture during winter since it always seems dry.

  1. Keep your hearing aids clean. Wipe them down with a dry, soft cloth at least once a day.
  2. At night, leave your battery door open so that the inside can air out.
  3. If you have a dryer case or dehumidifier, use that each night and in the event your hearing aid has been exposed to moisture.
  4. Do not leave them outside or in your car, even if they are in the case in any temperature.
  5. See us for regular checkups and regular hearing aid maintenance.

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