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When You are Hearing Impaired, More than Your Hearing is Affected

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Many people see hearing loss as an inevitable part of ageing. They are unaware of the  impact that an untreated hearing loss can have to their quality of life. To raise awareness of this and to encourage more people to seek professional advice, we’re going to highlight how hearing loss can affect more than just your ability to hear.

Quality of Life

Hearing loss doesn’t just affect the person experiencing it. Relationships with friends, family and coworkers can all become strained. This can lead to social isolation, anxiety, low self esteem, frustration, embarrassment and depression.

A 2017 study by NIDCD found that more than 11% of people with hearing loss also suffered from depression. This could potentially be down to how hearing loss affects both loneliness, lack of confidence and the way motor skills and productivity work.


A JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery study used data from 200,000 people 50+ who had untreated hearing loss for 2 years and showed how likely they were to experience other health problems. They found the longer hearing loss was left untreated the higher the risks.  Here are some other recent study findings that highlight the health implications.


Your hearing is vital to both your health and happiness and those close to you. Assessments are quick, pain free and our caring professionals will talk you through your options. It takes the average person 7 years to seek treatment. Why not get ahead of the crowd and take action today call us on (631) 993-4719 or click here to book a complimentary hearing assessment.

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